Interview with Alex Salnikov, Rarible, on how to improve holiday traditions through NFTs.

If you have any last-minute gifts to buy for any of the big seasonal holidays, a popular trend within and outside of blockchain circles is NFTs — the breakout hit of the cryptocurrency world with a market that generated over $23 billion in trading volume in 2021.

Hypothetically, an NFT is nearly the perfect holiday gift — you can do all your shopping from home, there are endless varieties and derivations to meet your recipients’ tastes, and you can effectively start your shopping now and have it done in an hour if you know what you are looking for.

A Very Rarible Christmas…

Rarible, one of the leading NFT marketplaces, wants to make the process easier by adding a “send a gift” feature to its platform, allowing users to give and receive Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) NFTs, without having to know the wallet address of the recipient. Instead, the feature generates a link for the recipient with instructions on claiming their NFT. 

In an exclusive interview, Alex Salnikov, Head of Product & Co-Founder of Rarible, said of the new gift feature:

So obviously, if you want to give somebody an NFT, you have to ask for the person’s address. Now, the problem with that is, (if I ask for the address) I spoiled the moment a little, you already know that I’m going to send you something. And also, the recipient might not have the blockchain address altogether – a lot of my friends don’t.

And we were thinking, how can we solve that? So we partnered with Link drop and created a special flow with which you can create a link for the NFT, then you can send that link to the person who would be able to either claim that NFT to their new address or their existing address on the blockchain. And they don’t need to pay gas for that. They don’t need to have crypto, they don’t need to have wallets. So, it’s either onboarding or receiving your gift without paying gas prices on the receiver side. The sender is paying gas prices for that.

The gas fees for people gifting NFTs on Rarible are 0.02 ETH, or about $100. The feature is a permanent addition to the Rarible platform and Salinik anticipates that it will be used for onboarding outside of the holiday season.

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